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Orient Hospital - Infertility, Assisted Reproduction Unit and Genetics

Our Vision

As medical director of the Orient Fertility Centre, I am pleased to welcome you to our website.

Our goal is to provide the best possible care for those people who require special help to build their family. We feel that the best way to accomplish this goal is to provide a personalized approach, which takes into account the special circumstances of each individual. In keeping with this, all patients are seen for their initial consultation by one of our doctors, and that physician carefully follows and supervises their care throughout the course of their treatment. In this way, patients always know who their physician is, and experience a continuity of care. We also believe strongly, that you must treat the whole patient, not just their reproductive organs. We therefore take into account social, cultural and spiritual needs. We also encourage all forms of complimentary stress reducing therapies and psychosocial support. We have purposely set aside space, and provided an atmosphere to facilitate such activities.

Within our facility, we have a state of the art IVF laboratory. Our staff are highly experienced in all aspects of fertility care. Our success rates put us among some of the top facilities in the world. We also pride ourselves in keeping abreast of all the latest developments in this field, and have many ongoing research projects. Since we are affiliated with the University of Damascus, all of our research is approved by ethics committees in these institutions.

Parenthood lies at the very heart of most couple’s live which makes the grief of infertility all the harder to bear, keeping this fact in mind, we started this hospital. In 2002, we established Assisted Reproduction Unit. In 17 April 2003, our first IVF twins was born ( Talin and Salin ). Since then there is no looking back. The members of the team keep themselves abreast with the ever improving techniques thereby fine tuning the centre to one of the most successful fertility centres in the world.

Fertility Center of Orient Hospital is a nationally and internationally recognized fertility treatment center, providing the highest quality, most technologically advanced treatment options available for over 10 years. Our goal is to make your journey through the fertility treatment process as comfortable as possible.

This website is especially designed to provide you with the basic information on fertility issues and also equip you with the knowledge required to assist you in the course of treatment. We believe in sharing as much information as possible, in order for you to be able to navigate the entire iceberg of the problem rather than deal with just the tip. We hope that you will enjoy visiting our website, and will consider us when seeking fertility care. We will be with you every step of the way With best Regards

Prof Marwan Alhalabi