Success Rate

Success Rate

Our success rates are among the best in the country
The statistics shown below are to help give you an indication of your chance of achieving a pregnancy. It is important to understand that there are many factors which may influence your personal chances of success.

Statistics such as those below are often presented by clinics based on selected populations of patients, therefore a comparison of clinical success rates may not be meaningful. It is important to point out that Orient Fertility Centre DOES NOT restrict access to treatments therefore the statistics below include a large population of patients who at other programs may have been denied cycles with their own oocytes.

Maternal age has a significant impact on success rates. This relates to egg and subsequent embryo quality. The statistics given are for all women treated at these ages. If we focus on those within an age bracket who are producing good quality embryos, success rates are higher. In addition in cases where good numbers of embryos are available this too has a positive impact on chance of pregnancy.
2016 Success Rates
Treatment Cycles IVF and ICSI combined
< 35 years: 53.9%
35 – 37 years: 45%
38-40 years: 32%
41-42 years: 19%
> 42 years: 13%

The success of your treatment depends on many factors and your specific treatment options. General IVF success rates can be misleading because they do not take into account the individual patient and their situation. Assisted reproduction techniques (ART) procedures and success rates have dramatically increased worldwide since IVF began, but there are still many hurdles to cross during a treatment cycle. For instance, your chance of success needs to take into consideration:
- Age of the female partner
- Quality of the sperm
- Quality and number of eggs retrieved
- Reason and duration of infertility
- Quality control in the laboratory
- Skill and competence of the IVF team.

Your IVF medical team at Orient Hospital can talk you through the hurdles of your specific treatment. We will be able to assess your individual case and give you a projected success rate that is applicable to you.
There are a number of reasons why a cycle may be cancelled or not completed in full, which is another hurdle your medical team will counsel you about in more detail.

Please contact us as we are looking forward to hearing from you and helping in any way we can.